Every challenge represents a new set of chances, big challenges bring forth opportunities that are large and big data is a huge challenge. It challenges the manner we have been viewing, storing, analyzing and interpreting our data. There are loads more to Big Data than merely its size. Big Data applies to the set of info that got or cannot be processed insight into using the conventional tools and techniques. The amount of information in our world continues to be exploding. We get trillions of bytes of information about customers, suppliers, and functioning and millions of networked detectors are being embedded in the physical world in devices for example mobile phones and automobiles, communication data, creating, and sensing. People with smart phones as well as on social network sites continue to fuel exponential increase.

Data Process

Big data large pools of information which can be got, conveyed, aggregated, stored, and examined is a part of function and every sector of the international economy. These are merely the tip of the iceberg also it presents how the data is becoming enormous by seconds. Digital info is everywhere in every sector, in every company, in every economy. Now we store everything Environmental data, financial data, medical data, and surveillance information and also the list continue on. Now we make five Exabyte’s every two days and also the rate is accelerating.

Opportunities and the possibilities presented by the proliferation of data that is big are always evolving, driven by innovation in analytical capabilities and technologies, platforms. The Big Data might be defined by three of its own chief characteristics Variety, Volume and Pace of data. Till now we have only discussed about the size or the volume of info. With all the proliferation of sensors, societal cooperation tools, smart devices, businesses today are faced with not only the traditional relational data but also information in a raw type, semi unstructured or structured form. The sheer number of data that are getting captured today presents an original group of problems to our traditional instruments and techniques in saving and examining them. As variety and the volume of data that gets recorded or stored today have changed so has the sheer speed at which this information is becoming created.

The data is becoming generated at this kind of pace which has made impossible for our traditional tools to manage, with the emergence of RFID detectors everywhere and other information streams. For many programs, the speed of information creation is even more important compared to the volume. Real time or almost real time information helps it be possible to get a company to be much more agile than its opponents. The opportunities presented by Big Data are enormous. The opportunities presented by the big data are immense by evolving our technologies and tools to keep with all the volume and speed with which we are generating the info if we simply keep pace.